Don't know how to browse or customise templates online?

This guide will help you with every step of the way....

Step 1:

First select the product of choice, then scroll down and click on 'Browse Templates' button:

What would you like to do?

Step 2: Selecting Templates

To then browse from our growing template range, search by keyword or by category:

Search Templates

Once you've found the right template click on the 'Customise >' button.

You will then be sent to the 'Easy Edit' version of the design editor which will allow you to edit text.

If you decide to change to a different template, click 'Browse Templates >'. To edit more elements of the template (images, layout, etc) click on  'Click for Advanced Edit >'.

Switch to Advanced Tools

Step 3: Editing Templates > Editing Text

Once you have selected your desired template, edit the text of the template on the left hand panel (as highlighted in the blue box):

Editing Templates - Editing Text

Step 4: Editing Templates > Editing Text Style

To edit text style, such as font, font colour, font size and orientation, use the edit text tab to the top left (as highlighted in the blue box):

Editing Text Style

Step 5: Editing Templates > Adding Images

If you wish to add an image to your template, click the on the image icon on the top toolbar (as highlighted by the blue box).

Changing Background Images

Step 6: Editing Templates > Adding Images > Uploading Images

You will then be sent to the 'Image Gallery' tab. To upload your background image click on the 'Click to Upload Images' button on the left (as higlighted by the blue box).

Browse Templates

Step 7: Editing Templates > Adding Images > Uploading Images > Upload Box

An 'Upload box' will then appear. To upload an image from your computer, click on the browse button (as highlighted by the blue box below):

Upload Box

Then select the image from your computer that you wish to upload and then click the 'Upload' button. Your uploaded background image will then appear. Double click the thumbnail of your uploaded image to insert into design.

Select image

Once you have finished, click on 'Click to Save & Continue >' to process your order.

Click to Save & Continue


Want to further customise templates? You can click on the 'Click for Advanced Edit >' to change all elements of the template.

Step 8: Reviewing your order

You will then be taken to a new page to review your order. Ensure all details are correct - order quantity, lamination, despatch option and design. To edit design and upload another artwork file, click 'Edit your design' button.

Step 9: Confirming your order

You will then be taken to your shopping cart with all of your orders. Confirm order then proceed to checkout.


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