Don't know how to create design online?
This guide will help you with every step of the way....

Step 1:

<img alt="Click on 'Create Design'" data-cke-saved-src="/images/contentimages/images/browse-templates2.png" src="/images/contentimages/images/browse-templates2.png" style="max-width:" 100%;="" height:="" auto;"="">

To create design firstly select the product of interest then click on the 'create design' button. You will then be directed to the Brunel One design editor (as below).

Create Design Tool

Step 2:

Create Design Toolbar:

To edit design, you will be using the following two toolbars:

Main toolbar

Main Toolbar


Add Elements Tool

On the left of the create design tool you will see the 'Add Elements' tool bar. Click on each icon to add the following elements:

Edit Element Toolbar

Step 3: Create Design > Adding Text

To add text to your new design, click on the text tool on the left 'Add elements' tool bar (highlighted by the blue box below). A text element pop-up will then appear. Then type within the text element pop up in the main field on the top.

Add Text

Step 4: Create Design > Editing Text

You can then edit text within the 'Text Element' window:

Text Element Guide

Step 5: Create Design > Adding Images

To add an image, click on the 'Add image' icon on the left toolbar.

You will then be sent to the 'Image Gallery' tab. To upload your image click on the 'Upload Your Images' button on the left (as highlighted by the blue box).

Upload your images

An 'upload box' will then appear. To upload an image from your computer, click on the browse button (as highlighted by the blue box below):

Upload Box

Then select the image from your computer that you wish to upload and then click the 'Upload' button. Your uploaded image will then appear. Double click the thumbnail of your uploaded image to insert as an image.

Select Image

Step 6: Create Design > Adding Shapes

To add a shape, click on one of the shapes icons on the left 'Add Elements' toolbar.

Then draw out the shape that you wish to create by holding down and dragging the mouse button. You can then edit the shape further by using the controls on the 'Shape Element' toolbar (as shown below):

Shape Element

Decided you'd like to use one of our templates instead? Click on the 'Templates' tab within the editor and then select which one you wish to customise.

Once you have finished, click on 'Save & Continue' to process your order.

Step 8: Reviewing your order

You will then be taken to a new page to review your order. Ensure all details are correct - order quantity, lamination, despatch option and design. To edit design and upload another artwork file, click 'Edit your design' button.

Step 9: Confirming your order

You will then be taken to your shopping cart with all of your orders. Confirm order then proceed to checkout.


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